NCQC Guild Rep Duties

The NCQC Rep is the ONLY person who gets notices of when dues are due. We assume this email would be shared with the board of your guild and/or forwarded to your Treasurer.

The guild representative is responsible for dispersing NCQC meeting information to guild members and/or at the guild board meetings. Many guilds ask the representative to write an article for their newsletter to inform guild members of upcoming NCQC activities and share ideas from the meeting. Guilds are encouraged to put a link to NCQC's website in the guild newsletter and on their website if they have one.

One of NCQC's important activities is presenting "Meet the Teachers" meetings where guilds can come and preview teachers interested in making presentations and/or teaching classes.  If the NCQC rep is not the Guild's Program chair, we hope they will bring their Program people with them to a Meet the Teachers meeting.

We ask that the NCQC Rep be responsible to keep NCQC up to date on any changes to the contacts of your guild and other guild information by going to their guild's webpage on the NCQC website and clicking the button for Updates at the top of the page. Fill in the form presented and submit. This information will go to the NCQC Membership/Webmaster and your page will be updated.